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Kitchen Craft Vertical Chicken Roaster



What if there was a way you could enjoy all the delicious flavours of roast chicken but with less fat and cholesterol? Well, with this Kitchen Craft Stainless Steel Vertical Chicken Roaster, you can!

This durable wire roaster features a central frame, which allows you to roast your chicken vertically rather than horizontally. All of the fat drips down into your roasting pan, which helps you to achieve a crispier, healthier but no less mouth-watering result.

Its frame also features a slot that's perfectly-sized for a can of beer -making it brilliant for cooking beer can chicken either in your oven or on the barbecue! It's also extremely simple to use. Just sit it in your roasting pan. Take your chicken and open the legs. Then place its cavity down on to the frame, so it's sat vertically.

By roasting your chicken vertically, the fat can drip down into your roasting pan - which helps to reduce the fat and cholesterol content of your roast. This also allows the skin to crisp more effectively.

It also allows you to keep your bird tender for serving - steam rises up through the inside of the chicken as it roasts. So, won't find yourself carving a dry roast.


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