Kitchen Craft Set of 6 Colourful Spoon Straws



Half straws. Half spoons. This Kitchen Craft Set of Six Straw Spoons is 100% perfect for those thick milkshakes, icy slushies, fruity smoothies and ice cream sundaes.

They're also much longer and wider than standard straws, so you can reach right to the bottom of the glass without having to worrying about them clogging.

You can reuse these 23.5 cm straw spoons again and again - just rinse them under the tap when you've finished. Each spoon straw is produced from durable acrylic, which is totally free from bisphenol A (BPA). This makes them a safe choice for you, your family and the environment.

These straw spoons each boast a uniquely colour-coded finish. Bright and bold, they're sure to liven up parties and get togethers. But, more importantly, their finishes help to prevent embarrassing drinks mix-ups!

With their 23.5 cm (9¼") length, there's no excuse not to enjoy every last sip of your milkshake or cola float with these spoon straws.


Handwash only
12 month guarantee



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