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Kitchen Craft Manual Juicer



Juice your way to your five-a-day with the Kitchen Craft Manual Juicer. This hand-operated juicer makes it really quick and simple to create refreshing, nutrient-rich juices from your favourite fresh fruits and vegetables. Just fill up the juicer housing then rotate the handle. It features separate juice and pulp nozzles and collecting cups too. The pulp collecting cup features sieve, which catches pips, seeds and pulp, and a cup for collecting fresh and smooth juice!

Its base non-slip suction base sticks to almost any clean, flat kitchen worktop. This is great as it helps to prevent the juicer from slipping or moving as you turn the handle. So, there's no need to worry about slips, spills or ingredients going to waste.

Assembling this hand juicer is incredibly easy - the box includes full assembly, care and use instructions. And it's also just a simple to take to pieces, for quick and easy cleaning and storage!


Suction base are wipe clean only
All other parts are handwash only
12 month guarantee


Includes a presser, two collecting cups and a hand juicer

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