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Home Made Gift Tag & Label Set



Give a gift with a beautiful personal touch. This Home Made Gift Tag and Label Set includes everything you need to give your home-made gifts those unforgettable finishing touches.

This 122 piece set includes 20 small gift tags, 20 large gift tags, 40 small labels, 40 large labels, as well as 3.9 metres of string to attach them with and 4 metres of red ribbon to make your treats stand out. So, it's fantastic for labelling and tagging jars of chutneys, preserves and sweets or bottles of cordial and oils before you gift them. Making your gifts really stand out is incredibly easy with this set. You can label your jars and bottles with their contents using the 40 small and 40 large labels - they're both included in two different designs to make telling them apart much easier.

There's also 20 small and 20 large beautifully-designed gift tags - printed with 'made with love' and 'packed with love' detailing. Each one features plenty of space for you to write a personal message too. Don't worry when it comes to tying them - with 3.9 metres of string, there's plenty to attach them with!

You can also tie your gifts with beautiful little bows - the set includes 4 metres of red ribbon.

From growing your own, picking your own to making your own, the Home made collection offers the very best in cooking what nature has provided.


Give your perfect home-made gifts the perfect finishing touches with this 122 piece tag and label set
It includes 20 small gift tags, 20 large gift tags, 40 small labels, 40 large labels, 3.9 metres of string and 4 metres of red ribbon
Labels comes in two different design, which makes it easier to tell your chutneys, preserves, sweets or wines apart once labelled
The tags feature 'made with love' and 'packed with love' detailing - but don't worry, there's plenty of space for a personal message


Set includes 20 small tags, 20 large tags, 40 small labels (2 designs), 40 large labels (2 designs), 3.9 metres of string, 4 metres of ribbon

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