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Master Class Double Pronged Slider Barbecue Skewer



Grill the perfect barbecued feast with the Master Class Double-Prong Barbecue Kebab Skewers. The double-pronged design gives you greater control as you barbecue. We’ve all been there. You prepare a delicious skewer of fish, meat or vegetable pieces, but cooking your kebab is tricky because the pieces rotate on the skewer. These skewers solve this problem by attaching two prongs to one handle. Both prongs pierce the meat, so you can turn it easily and safely. And because the prongs heat up, they help your food cook evenly too. Perfect for when you've got friends and family over for barbecues, the prongs also feature a sliding disc, so you can hygienically remove your food, without getting your hands messy.

Cook with confidence using kitchen tools and equipment that are perfect for the aspiring chef. A true Master Class.


Dishwasher safe
5 year guarantee


Length: 50cm / 20"

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