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  • Mince Pies

    1st December 2014

    Mince Pies

    Nothing beats the smell of freshly baked mince pies straight from the oven or the sweet smell of chocolate as you help the kids decorate a Yule log. Really bring Christmas to life and capture the nostalgia and excitement you felt as a child with our ...

  • #HomemadeChristmas

    9th December 2014


    Looking for a unique gift that the kids can send out this year? Our Santa & Friends ‘Paint Your Own’ Ceramic Mug is not only great fun, but creates a truly personalised gift. #HomemadeChristmas...

  • Family Gift Guide

    15th December 2014

    Family Gift Guide

    Keep Calm and Start Shopping! Don’t panic if you haven’t yet started your Christmas shopping, we have Christmas all wrapped up with our guide for all the family. All this week we will be helping you complete your final Christmas prepa...

  • Top 10 favourite festive starters

    17th December 2014

    Top 10 favourite festive starters

    There’s a lot of pressure that surrounds cooking the “Perfect Christmas Dinner” so understandably some people feel a bit overwhelmed and aren’t sure where to start! So, don’t panic let’s start at the beginning with...

  • Top 10 Favourite Festive Starters Desserts

    22nd December 2014

    Top 10 Favourite Festive Starters Desserts

    Christmas day is the one day of the year that we all manage to devour a full three courses with no problem at all, so make sure that each course is one to remember with our countdown of top 10 desserts...

  • How are you spending your Christmas Eve?

    24th December 2014

    How are you spending your Christmas Eve?

    How are you spending your Christmas Eve? How about curling up on the sofa with your favourite Christmas film and a wonderfully sweet mug cake. Our favourite is marbled mug cake, its deliciously chocolaty, why not try it for yourself! Have a...

  • Happy New Year

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year 2015 from everyone at Kitchen Craft...

  • Don’t panic, green smoothies are your friend

    5th January 2015

    Don’t panic, green smoothies are your friend

    Don’t panic, green smoothies are your friend. Packed with nutrients, one of these a day will contribute to a glowing complexion and a smaller waste line. Get started with our Green Tea Smoothie. ...

  • Reo

    12th January 2015


    Does anyone else enjoy a good New Year clear out? Especially if it makes way for some shiny new accessories!! ...

  • Home Made Bread

    14th January 2015

    Home Made Bread

    Nothing beats the smell and taste of home-made bread and it’s the perfect New Year hobby that you will quickly become addicted to.Watch our video on how to make the perfect loaf....

  • World of Flavours

    20th January 2015

    World of Flavours

    Is one of your New Year resolutions to try foods you wouldn’t normal try? Our World of Flavours collection offers everything you need to experiment with some of the most exciting cuisines the world has to offer including, Indian, Oriental,...

  • Sugar Lace Icing

    27th January 2015

    Sugar Lace Icing

    A hot trend we are loving at the moment is Sugar Lace Icing; it looks amazing on cupcakes, cookies and wedding cakes and will make a great new hobby. It can be a little tricky to master so check out our video for an easy guide to creating the pe...


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