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  • Don’t panic, green smoothies are your friend

    5th January 2015

    Don’t panic, green smoothies are your friend

    Don’t panic, green smoothies are your friend. Packed with nutrients, one of these a day will contribute to a glowing complexion and a smaller waste line. Get started with our Green Tea Smoothie. ...

  • Reo

    12th January 2015


    Does anyone else enjoy a good New Year clear out? Especially if it makes way for some shiny new accessories!! ...

  • Home Made Bread

    14th January 2015

    Home Made Bread

    Nothing beats the smell and taste of home-made bread and it’s the perfect New Year hobby that you will quickly become addicted to.Watch our video on how to make the perfect loaf....

  • World of Flavours

    20th January 2015

    World of Flavours

    Is one of your New Year resolutions to try foods you wouldn’t normal try? Our World of Flavours collection offers everything you need to experiment with some of the most exciting cuisines the world has to offer including, Indian, Oriental,...

  • Sugar Lace Icing

    27th January 2015

    Sugar Lace Icing

    A hot trend we are loving at the moment is Sugar Lace Icing; it looks amazing on cupcakes, cookies and wedding cakes and will make a great new hobby. It can be a little tricky to master so check out our video for an easy guide to creating the pe...

  • Making memories with Sweetly Does It

    10th February 2015

    Making memories with Sweetly Does It

    Make this Valentine’s Day one you will both always remember by personalising your home made gifts using our Sweetly Does It range. Add fondant hearts, roses and petals easily or create that professional touch using our Sugar Lace Moulds. #...

  • Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

    11th February 2015

    Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

    Our Valentine’s Day gift guide covers everything you need to make this year extra special. Whether you are making a personalised romantic treat or looking for a special present for your true love, we have it covered. ...

  • Pancake Day

    16th February 2015

    Pancake Day

    Take a look at our latest blog post; we have some great tips for making the perfect pancake and a handy recipe....

  • Savora

    24th February 2014


    If sleek, design-led kitchenware is what you’re looking for, discover our beautiful new Savora collection, where art meets practicality in food preparation.Expertly engineered with a bold design aesthetic and contemporary materials. ...

  • National Baking Week

    2nd March 2015

    National Baking Week

    Is there a better smell than a freshly baked Steak & Ale pie? Not only will our recipe leave your kitchen smelling fantastic but by baking your pie in one of our beautiful Home Made pie dishes it will look as good as it smells! ...

  • Mother’s Day competition

    9th March 2015

    Mother’s Day competition

    Starting the week with a competition cheered us up so much last week we are going to do it again this week! Yay! This week we are preparing for what is, in our opinion, one of the most important days of the year, Mother’s Day. There i...

  • Have you met our new kitchen crew yet?

    10th March 2015

    Have you met our new kitchen crew yet?

    Our new Head Chefs are so much fun for the kids and all have their own names and fun colours making them great for collecting. Also suitable for grown-ups! ...

  • Our star product of the week

    11th March 2015

    Our star product of the week

    Don’t panic if you have totally forgotten to book a table for Sunday lunch at you mums favourite restaurant, we have it covered with our range of Master Class cookware, including a roasting pan that will ensure you can prepare the roast of all ...

  • Mother’s Day gift guide

    12th March 2015

    Mother’s Day gift guide

    Check out our latest blog post for some last minute Mother’s Day gift ideas. ...

  • Hoppity Does It

    16th March 2015

    Hoppity Does It

    Planning an Easter Egg Hunt this year? Let us introduce you to Hoppity Does it, everything you need to create a fun Easter egg hunt, we have even included an Easter Egg Hunt Kit complete with clue cards and bunting....

  • Soggy salad makes us sad

    18th Mach 2015

    Soggy salad makes us sad

    Soggy salad makes us sad, if it makes you sad too then try out our new funky lunch sets, complete with cool packs, separate compartments and even integrated cutlery, they are perfect for keeping salad fresh....

  • Spring cleaning sure fire tip

    19th March 2015

    Spring cleaning sure fire tip

    Spring cleaning sure fire tip - Kim and Aggie eat your heart out with this helpful tip – Damp sponges harbour germs, give them a quick blast in the microwave, two minutes should do it and your sponge will be germ free. For more great ...

  • Are your kids super excited for an Easter Egg Hunt?

    23rd March 2015

    Are your kids super excited for an Easter Egg Hunt?

    Are your kids super excited for an Easter Egg Hunt? Don’t panic if you are struggling for ideas, we are giving away a complete Easter Egg Hunt Kit, including, 6 blank clue cards (or if you're feeling particularly troublesome, some misleadi...

  • Kizmos

    24th March 2015


    Spring is all about vibrant colours shooting into bloom, so why should we just enjoy the wonderful colours when we are outside, Kizmos Flora is inspired by the bold colours of nature and will brighten up any kitchen! We can’t get enough of...

  • Easter Simnel cake

    25th March 2015

    Easter Simnel cake

    Make this Easter one to remember and turn it into a real celebration complete with a show stopping Easter Simnel cake! Here's a great recipe for the best Simnel cake we have ever tried!...

  • Create the look: Easter

    26th March 2015

    Create the look: Easter

    Create the look: Here’s our mini guide to Easter to help you create a magical Easter party for your little ones. Check out our Easter themes section for everything you need to complete the look. ...

  • Ensure an eggstraordinary Easter party

    27th March 2015

    Ensure an eggstraordinary Easter party

    Check out our latest blog post to ensure an eggstraordinary Easter party. ...


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